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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Season is here.

Apparently when December started, the Christmas season came on full blast, which meant, I have been forgetting to post my recipes. Sorry about that. Weight watchers also started their new Points Plus program. Which has consumed so much of my time refiguring points that I have forgotten.
For now, I'm still learning their new program, but am liking it. I in 3 weeks I had lost 3 inches around my middle, and anyone that has remotely seen me, knows I am a full on apple shape. So 3 inches off my mid section= a skinnier looking me. Even in the scale didn't budge. I WILL TAKE IT.
The past few years while on Weight Watchers I guess I have always been so worried about what I was going to eat, and what Christmas parties we were going to go to, what they were going to be serving.. The normal "dieters" worries that come with these holidays. That somehow I have always lost weight. Now don't roll your eyes. I wasn't saying it to brag. Simply that if I (a sweetaholic) can somehow manage to lose weight, than I'm pretty sure that most everyone can.

I promise when the new year starts I will bombarde you all with tons of recipes and if you have one that you think I might want to try, post me a link to it online, or e-mail me. I'll try just about anything (barring raw oysters-that's never going to happen again).