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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Uh Oh. He's mobile.

As a mother of 2 boys. I now officially regret wanting our kids to do stuff early. Why is it viewed as a sign that your doing things right with your kids?  Just b/c my kid wasn't doing something by the "norm", does that really mean I'm doing something wrong. Can't I take into consideration the fact that my kids are stubborn (like me-thanks genetics for that one), or that their reflux kept them from wanting to be on their tummy?  

So here comes the second baby. With his Plagiocephaly and Torticollus, the stubborn little guy isn't letting either stop or even slow him down. He's ahead in so many things.... Add CRAWLING to that list now. Honestly I'm proud of the little booger. He is officially dangerous, let this be the public warning that trouble is actually coming now.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Meal planning.

This is the 2nd month that I am picking out all our meals in one day. I am going by what I have in the deep freezer and my stockpile. So on a weekly basis I watch for sales, and just buy fresh fruits, veggies and the basics. I have been trying to make homemade bread 1 time a week. I do my weekly shopping on Wednesdays (start of publix sale ads) so my days are showing the start of the month this thursday.
A couple tips that I learned a while ago (thanks to some couponing blogs that I read and pure luck).
1. Every so often Publix will put their boneless, skinless chicken breast packages on B1G1, and with my coupon of 5 dollars off 50, I stock up, and individually wrap and freeze the breasts so I can pull out however many I need.
2. I go to Kroger early in the mornings when I can and look in their meat department. If you go before 9 am, there is usually the just marked down Manager's specials (which I divide and freeze if needed-think lean ground beef, turkey, chicken). Most of the manager specials are items that have sell by dates of the next day (so quick sale). If you are looking for a certain meat (like steak or chicken) I always check the sell by date. If there is one that isn't marked and has the sell by date tomorrow, I ask the meat department if they can reduce it.... They've done it for me several times, sometimes it's on ones they missed or hadn't gotten to yet. Either way, I'm getting a price cut.

We are slowly trying to cut out the processed foods and just eating more "real" foods. I haven't completely committed to the 100 days of no processed, but if we can cut down then maybe cut out... it's a process right? So our meals are keeping that in mind. They all aren't going to be super healthy, but I go by the 80/20 rule. If I'm good 80 % of the time, I can splurge every once and a while. Right?

So a couple people have asked what kind of meals I had chosen. So the ones I have recipes for I will post, others I can try to post as I go along.

3-Roasted Chicken Lasagna from Pinterest
4-Chinese Chicken and Broccoli (recipe I have)
5-Spicy Bean and Rice Burritos from Pinterest (Cinco DeMayo- have to have Mexican)
6- Baked Chicken Wings and Sweet Potato Fries (homemade-using hot wing sauce)
7- Breakfast for dinner (Bacon and eggs)
8- Salmon burgers with cheesy Cauliflower tots (burger from Kroger seafood department) Tots from Pinterest
9-Shrimp Caesar Salad, (grilled shrimp over romaine lettuce)
10-Roast Beef (crockpot)
11-Roast Beef Quesadilla Pinterest
12-Turkey Meatloaf (WW recipe) with mashed potato and broccoli
13-Pizza (Papa Murphy's coupon we have)
14-Baked Spaghetti from Pinterest
16-Whole Roasted Chicken with Veggies and W. Rice
17-Chicken Noodle Soup (with leftover Roasted Chicken)
18- Sausage and Pea Tagliatelle
19-Cheddar Onion Chicken breast with Sweet Potato (recipe on French fried onion box)
20-Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta - Pinterest
21- Bonefish (date night)
22- Pork Chops with Salad and veggie
23- Goulash (mom's recipe)
24- Leftover Goulash
25- Steak Fajita salad
26- Ribs and Salad and Corn
27- Stuffed Shells with Caesar salad
28- Michael's birthday- he chooses restaurant or homemade meal he wants
29- Spicy Chicken Cacciatore (Old Weight watcher recipe)
30- 3 Bean and Sausage Bake (Weight watcher recipe)

So there you have it. Our dinners for a whole month!!