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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dirty Microfiber??

This wasn't the first thing I've pinned and accomplished from Pinterest, but it might be the most impressive to date (kinda close call with the cake I made last week).

Here is the original blog that the pin came from:

When we first did the nursery for Will I bought this big comfy recliner since I knew there was going to be hours of my life spent in his room feeding him. We (read that as I) wanted a chair that we could move into our normal living space when we no longer needed it in the nursery. Fast forward 4 years. We have moved 1 into our living room, and bought a match for it, so we have extra matching chairs.

So that means I have 2 microfiber recliners, and a microsuede couch that is constantly dirty from Jake and Tilly rubbing their backs on it, and a 4 year old who spills juice, water, milk, cheezit dust on. You get the idea, it's a typical household, with normal wear and tear. No my house will never be one in a magazine, as much as I'd like to move into the Pottery Barn Catalog, it isn't going to ever be like that.

I've been staring at these chairs over the past few years just getting dirtier and dirtier. So when I saw this one pinned, and her before and after pictures, I had to try it to make sure it wasn't just photoshopped. Yes, I was a doubter.

All I used was the sponge (that you see in the picture, yes that dirty one was brand new when I started), a spray bottle full of plain rubbing alcohol and a towel to help scrub. And followed her instructions.

I would say that it has worked AMAZINGLY. The only thing I did learn by trial and error, with our chairs, you have to do 1 large area instead of smaller ones that she suggested. Or the water marks are left. When I went back and re-did larger sections I got rid of the large "water spot" looking marks on the chair. Then I used the blowdryer to dry it faster, to see if I had missed spots.

4 hours later the chair looks almost brand spankin' new. I no longer have the desire to go flip through the Pottery Barn catalog looking for new chairs... ok, so I still have that desire, but now it's not because of my dirty chairs.

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