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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome back me!!!

Yes I realize it's been what 9-10 months since I've posted anything. What can I say, having a second child, dealing with a now 4 year old, 2- 100+ pound dogs, hubby and life in general. It's been a little overwhelming. So I'm not going to make any promises about regularly posting. Life's just not that simple. With the guilt about deserting my blog out there.

Some Confessions First (besides the whole desertions thing):

I have not lost ANY of the baby weight, and yes every says "aw you just had a baby"... Well that baby is turning 6 months in 2 days... and I weigh the same. It's not for lack of working out, so my assumption is it is the Gigi's cupcakes, and all the sweets that I have brought into the house and subsequently eaten. I can't blame anyone else, and in fact I can feel bad because hubby hasn't lost the weight that he has wanted too either. But we are changing that. Slowly but surely.

I'm addicted to sugar. That scares me, and I am secretly (well not so secretly now) sabotaging my weight loss with sugar. I will do good for a few days, then BAM I see something, or hear something, or just have a bad day and I turn to sugar. Not chips, not fried foods, not even Taco Bell anymore. Just sugar. I'm hoping by finally admitting this, that I might be held more accountable to myself about my sugar consumption.
I'm addicted to Pinterest. Just like millions of people in America, I could spend hours a day on Pinterest going through different categories, re-organizing my boards (which I did-go look if you don't believe me) and daydreaming about all the fun things I find on Pinterest that I want to try or do or places to go.

So here comes my new goal:
My friend Michelle (crazy girl that she is) gave me an idea. I'm not only going to blog about how I'm couponing, and planning my meals for a whole month at a time while still trying to eat healthy, the fun stuff that our family is doing, my exercising and races that I've signed up for this fall even with my knee injury that is sending me to therapy, but about Pinterest.

Every time I try something on Pinterest, I'm going to tell you all about it. If it worked, if it was worth it, if I could do it cheaper or better than the original pinner (yes I'm a tad bit competitive). Sounds like fun huh?? It kind of does to me.

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