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Monday, May 30, 2011

Pregnant Nesting.

With Will I went through a couple weeks of Nesting, near the end of my pregnancy. You know, like most normal pregnant women. It was crazy enough, my multiple page, single spaced list of things that just had to get done before the baby got here. What baby doesn't realize that the baseboards in the entire house haven't been wiped down, and the dogs room hasn't been hand scrubbed... Yep, Michael willingly (I think) sat down and did every last item on my silly list.

So this time around I thought I would have several months before the crazy nesting started. WRONG. The minute that first trimester was over, and I got my energy back, it has been crazy nesting. Last week it was painting the guest room. Yes, the pregnant girl, was down there for 3 days straight, 5 coats of paint, 2 coats on all the trim work, and touch ups... But dang it looks so much better now (and yes it was the low VOC paint, and well ventilated).

This week was my sewing corner, which was in desperate need of some organizing. So I went on a hunt for a cute little shelf. Low and behold, I found one for $10, at my In-Law's flea market. And thanks to the paint sample coupons, I got all the paint for it for 10 dollars!! Yes I did spend more on the buckets for the shelf than I did on the shelf itself, but they were the ones I HAD TO HAVE. Luckily, my very smart husband, who I guess knew not to question the hormonal pregnant wife, smiled and held them while I counted them out. So here is my shelf done!!

This was when we brought it home, and I had sanded it down:
Not much to look at. Yet.

This is what a little paint will do.
Please excuse the toys in the background, my sewing room is also Will's playroom.

And this is the final product, all my fabrics organized by type and color!

Like I said, I still have the rest of the house to do, but hey I still have like 20 weeks before this baby gets here, so I have plenty of time to tackle each corner of this house!!! Now onto the desk/and Will's arts and crafts!!

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