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Thursday, June 9, 2011

House of Boys.

The last 19 weeks I could have put money on the fact I was going to be buying pink and purple. Auburn hairbows, and dance recital videos... 21 weeks down and BAM, we are adding another boy to this household. I kinda thought I would have some disappointment with it being another boy, which I probably did for all of 10 seconds. Then the thought of how Will always needs a hug from his mom and how much fun it is to watch Will and Michael doing stuff together.

After experience with Will's ultrasound, I had taken the last month to figure out what makes this baby wake up and be active, since Will was so laid back that it took 2 ultrasounds to even get a 75% chance of boy. This time I didn't want to leave anything to chance. McAllister's sweet tea was the winning beverage. On the way to the ultrasound I stopped and got one.

By the time we got down to business, this baby was pretty active. The tech said that the he would get the shot he needed, then baby would move or jump before he could save it. The tech said baby had his arms just moving and even looked like the baby was throwing gang signs. Nice. He said the baby kept trying to swat the wand away.

Then comes the favorite part of this ultrasound... time to find out gender. At first he had his foot in the way, but with some wiggling and prodding. He finally moved his foot and BAM he dazzled the room with his boy parts. No doubt it was boy parts and not the cord. Then the tech went up to his face, and the baby was smacking his lips, sucking his thumb and at one point was actually licking his fingers, sticking out his tongue, basically putting on a show.

Now we are just going to wait and see if this one comes out with as much hair as Will did, and how well Will takes the whole sharing his trains and cars. It's going to be a fun ride with my boys!!

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