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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slipcover finished!

When we bought this couch from Ashley the big selling point was the fabric was stain resistant. Will took that as a personal challenge. Ashley furniture lost. With all my calling and e-mailing photos of the stains that were supposed to be covered under their extended plan we bought. We got nothing from them. So next came the task of looking for a slipcover to fit it. None to be found. So what is a pregnant girl to do??? Of course make her own.
The lovely job a 3 year old can do. Stain resistant my butt.

Here is the before couch. Sorry about all the pillows on it (I made those too).

With the help of Design Intervention blog I figured my way through many hours and finally finished the slipcover!!

I think it turned out pretty good, considering I've never done one, and had NO pattern. At least I know next time. Look for a couch that I can find a pre-made slipcover for.

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  1. looks professional--you can't tell that it's not original to the couch.