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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My new chef.

I have to admit. When I imagined having kids, I always dreamed of them helping me bake, and cook. Letting them get covered in flour and letting them dig into a batch a fresh batch of cookies that they helped me make.

So today while we had my Homemade Pizza that I had shared the recipe a few months ago. But the difference was that when I went to start the dough, someone woke up from his nap early. So today he wanted to help me make the pizza dough.

So this is my new chef. He looks like a natural doesn't he.
He's really into kneading the dough.

Pretty good technique.

He picked up the spatula and was beating the dough with it. Think it helps?

And then he was done. Juice break!!

After all the days when my patience isn't in sync with him testing his boundaries (aka. being a pain in my butt). I'm still a lucky parent because he is a healthy smart boy!! And for that I'm thankful that no matter what we get to share these experiences with our kids!

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