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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This baby.

So from the beginning of this pregnancy I swear this baby is a girl. Everything is different than it was with Will. I'm already more emotional than I ever was with Will. I have to admit that the commercials for "Coming Home" on Lifetime... make me ball like a baby. Funny story for your Wednesday afternoon.

Picture me sweating it out at the gym at 9:30 am. on the elliptical, watching the television attached to my machine. While there are 30+ other people "working out". (And by "working out", I mean standing around chatting, staring at themselves in the full length mirrors while they flex their muscles- yes there are multiple people at my gym that do this). When all of a sudden this commercial comes on:

And thus starts the tears rolling down my cheeks, and then snotty nose starts, all while I'm trying not to completely burst into tears in front of all these people who don't know me or that I'm pregnant or even care for that matter. The one part that gets me is of course the little girl at the very beginning getting to see her dad and the guy sitting down and start crying when he sees his dad... After that day, I try and flip the channel when I start to even see the commercial coming on. Because I know tears will be flowing in the minute that the commercial rolls.

On top of that, Michael swears this baby is a girl, because it can't make up it's mind. Normally I can't stand grits. The thought of the texture of them, grosses me out... So guess what I just had to have... you guessed it Cheese grits... and I ate the whole bowl. This is on top of craving Taco Bell quesadilla and salad... seriously. So much for the whole... no fast food goal. I've already eaten Taco Bell 2 times this week. And it was delicious both times.

There you go. My crazy pregnant life. Unfortunately we still have like 8-10 weeks until we actually get to see if this baby will cooperate and show us whether it's a girl or a boy.... So should we start a betting pool????

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  1. Do you feel like you are carrying lower or higher? Also, is the hair on your legs growing faster or normal? Don't laugh...I will make a legit prediction! :)