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Friday, January 21, 2011

Week O' Ham.

If you guys haven't figured it out I like a good deal. Coupons, sales, if it means saving some money. I'm in.
Last weekend my sister and I headed down to Auburn to celebrate my mom's "significant" birthday. I'm not giving it away, because we all know how women don't like to tell their age. While we were down there my stepdad decided to play "Let's Make a deal"... for anyone who doesn't remember that show. It's the game show where the host offers a guest in the audience money or they can take whatever is behind a door... sometimes it works out good. Sometimes they get Zoinked. When my stepdad decided to play the game. I decided ahhh what the hell let's just go for it.
I chose to make the deal with him. I told him I'd buy him an Auburn Championship sweatshirt in return he would give me a piece of paper.... sounds like an iffy deal right. Well the paper was actually a coupon for a Honey Baked Ham!!! SCORE for me.

So I bought him his 22 dollar sweatshirt. We went to pick up the Ham, and of course they happen to be out of their 7 pound ham. So they gave me an 8 pound ham instead. SCORE AGAIN. It was a 60 dollar ham that I got for 22 dollars!! 48 dollar savings!

Here is where it gets even funnier. As you could have guessed we have been eating ham all week. We even invited my In Laws over to help us knock some of it out. So Wednesday my Mother in Law calls laughing. Michael's (my husband) grandmother went shopping and found a ham on sale... and is cooking it tonight for dinner. So we get to go out there and have a ham dinner. AGAIN. Haha (sort of)

So just in case anyone is counting.
This morning eggs with ham,
Lunch- Ham with chips and salsa
Dinner- Some for of ham with sides...


The upside is next week I'm making Cajun White beans with the ham bone!! I'm gonna get every last bit out of that ham I can!!

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