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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Birthday Cakes.

One thing I love about Birthdays are the cakes. Last year I did a firetruck. This year Will decided on a Cars Theme.

So immediately I knew I was doing a KaChow cake. KaChow is Will's name for Lightning McQueen. You know in the movie when he's acting like a jerk, he goes "KACHOW" and shines his lightning bolt into other cars eyes. So he's always been KaChow in our house.

My little dude turns 3 next week. I know, 3 years where did that go. His party is Saturday with a bunch of his friends at his house. So with everything else I've got to do this week. I knocked out the cake today.

Did you know that an iced cake that hasn't been cut can last up to 2 weeks. Now I don't know about any of you. But I've never known an iced cake to last that long in our house.

So here it is. Will's Lightning McQueen Cake.
Picture 1 of Lightning McQueen Cake.

Picture 2 of Lightning McQueen

The top of Lightning McQueen.

The tires for Lightning McQueen (chocolate donuts with piping).

Will thinks its pretty cool. So that is good enough for me!!!

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