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Thursday, February 3, 2011

B1G1 plus Coupons = Free.

Couponing is so fun when you get a really good deal. It almost feels like I'm cheating the system. When in reality I'm working the system better than most consumers. Yesterday was one of those days at Kroger for me!! Every single item I bought I had a coupon for. Plus they were on sale!!
Here is how it played out

Kroger has great deals like buy 10 participating items get 5 dollars instantly off. And you can still use coupons on top of that. Check with your customer service desk and find out what coupons they will accept. The Kroger and Publix here will take competitor coupons. So I'm able to use 5 dollar off a purchase of 50 dollars or more that come in the school fundraiser books here. So usually walking into any grocery store I know I've got an instant 5 dollars off.


Wholly Guacamole/Salsa/Dip is having a B1G1 Free and on some packages of the queso it had buy this queso get the salsa free...

They are normally 3 dollars. So with B1G1 they were 1.50 each.

Now with the coupon on the package of queso you get the salsa for free.

Now print: (you can print several *hint hint*)
Then add this $1.50 coupon for the queso dip. And you get both for free!!!
Did all that make sense??

With that deal I bought 12 packages 6 salsa and 6 queso. Since it is Superbowl Sunday this week! Can't beat free stuff.

Also Target has coupons on their website at the bottom of their homepage. Some will print out Manufacturer and some will print out Target coupons. The target coupons you can add on top of Manufacturer coupons which is how I got free Kraft cheese slices for Will's lunches.

With all of that and my other sales & Coupons.

I spent $46.35 and saved a whopping $69.36

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