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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Date night!!

If you've read any of my other posts, you probably might have caught me talking about how Michael and I only go out once a month to eat. It usually some place that we haven't had in a while. Well tonight was our date night. We chose Rosie's Cantina in Huntsville, it's a local mexican place. Let's just go ahead and not kid anyone, it's not authentic Mexican, it's more of SantaFe/Tex Mex Mexican. But they have great food, the best salsa (without cilantro!) and fast service.
The main thing I love about Rosie's besides what I just mentioned, is that we can go there for dinner and I'm not going to inhaled 2,000 calories. Michael and I get their fajitas for 1 and have them prepare it without the spicy butter or the veggies in any oil, which basically means they steam the peppers and onions, then throw them on a hot skillet to crisp them up. Then throw some of the best beef (yes I splurged and got the beef) strips on top. All comes with homemade fresh tortillas, and by fresh I mean, I had to watch the waiter stand and wait for 3 to come off the tortilla press to bring them to our table!!!

So while Michael and I enjoyed a dinner without Will. Yes I love him dearly, but an adult dinner is nice too. Will got to go hang out with Grandma and Grandpa Broach. We are very lucky to have them live only 10 minutes away. They took Will to feed some ducks that hang out at their house, the chickens and roosters, ride in a Gator (tractor thingy) and run around their house for a while. He had a blast, and all the way home had some pretty big Yawn's... which means that they wore him out. I also have a sneaky suspision that Will wore them out too. Because from experience.... He's exhausting. Never wants to sit still.... EVER. But hey, he's only 2 once, and if he can run that energy out, playing outside. Then go for it right. What kinda mom would I be if he didn't have fun!!!

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