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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why the name you ask...

Well after a few people have mentioned it, I figured I would start a blog featuring our life. And as hard as it is to remember the Broachblog, it just wasn't fun. So instead, I chose to go with Chocolate chip cookies, because let's be honest Chocolate chip cookies are just about the best in the world. I mean the dough itself is great, then bake it and the smell fills the house with the wonderful aroma. Then you get the joy of pulling that cookie sheet out of the oven to see the perfectly browned ooey gooey little circles of heaven (ok not perfectly browned all the time, but shhhh, don't tell anyone about the burnt ones). There is nothing like fresh chocolate chip cookies.

And of course Kids. Ok right now it's only one kid- Will and he is just about the best kid in the world. Now I know everyone says their kid is the greatest, and I'm not going to lie. Will can be a handful. Especially on his bad days, but deep down I know it's just him being a 2 year old and it will get better. So for now I focus on him being a great kid and not the bad stuff. Which made me think how much a 2 year old is like labor.... It's hard, and sometimes lasts longer than I think it should, but at the end you still end up with the little person. Of course as I sit here he is talking into a empty kleenex box, and trying to give our great dane (Tilly) kisses.

So here we sit, beginning this digital journey into our life. With some of the recipes that I love, stories of Will and our family, and hopefully a few laughs. Because kids are funny and not all my recipes are going to be good. But I promise not to encourage you to try the gross ones.

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