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Monday, April 19, 2010

No more mowing.

So a few days ago I hinted at I'm not allowed to mow the grass anymore. So while I sit here, hearing the lawn mower making it's pattern around our house. I laugh. I write this with the disclaimer that you should not try this at home, and I didn't do it on purpose. I SWEAR.

When I first moved up to Huntsville. Michael was working in the yard, and I wanted to help. So I asked him if I could mow the lawn. Getting to ride around on a go cart type machine, while it throws fresh grass clippings out the side. What could be more fun. So he said yes, and warned me not to get to close to our stop sign in our yard, or to get to close to the ditch... So off I go on our lawn mower, and guess what the first thing I did... ran the lawn mower right into the ditch. Now I suspect that he knew I was going to do this, because I remember him poking his head out of the garage, shaking his head and walking down to the corner to help push the lawn mower out of the ditch... told me to try not to do it again, and off I went. Finished the whole yard...

Then few years back, Michael had to travel for work, I can't remember where he was, but I do remember thinking I was going to be the nice wife and mow the lawn for him, so that the next day when he got home from business travel, he would be able to relax, and not have to mow the lawn. So I got going, and then started to wonder why the cutting path of the lawn mower was smaller than usual. It usually takes a riding lawn mower about an hour to mow our whole lawn... It took me 3 1/2 hours that day. So when I told Michael what I had done, he was confused as to why it took me so long. But thanked me for mowing the lawn... fast forward to the next week, when he cranks up the lawn mower, and notices the same thing I had. So of course he shuts off the engine looks under the hood thingy that has the blades... then comes into the house and asks me to come outside... apparently while mowing the lawn I had somehow gotten 1 of the 2 blades caught on a tree root in our front yard, and ripped it right off the whole machine... NOW that takes some sort of stupid talent. But what can I say.... it's me. So he attaches it, and poof the lawn mower magically starts cutting a wider path.... yeah!!!

But since then I have been banned from mowing our lawn. Now I can't say that I blame Michael and I do feel sorry that he has to do it all the time. But if I can do all that after 2 times on the lawn mower in our yard, it's probably safer that I just don't attempt it.

*hangs head in shame*
Sorry Michael.

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