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Sunday, April 25, 2010


That is how Will says Peek-A-Boo. The other day Will was on the couch in the den downstairs, and I kept seeing a little head pop up and down from the couch.

He was never interested in playing peek a boo until lately, and I know he doesn't quite get it. But it still makes me laugh. He can walk up to you from being in another room playing, or come running dragging the loud Fischer Price ball popper behind him (you know the one that sounds like popcorn popping). Come to a screeching halt next to you. You look down at the sweet little face, he smiles and says Peet-Uh-Boo.... smiles, and walks away.

Or him sitting sweetly in your lap after a nap, or just because, turns his full body around, knees on your lap, turns your face to his, and whispers Peet-Uh-Boo. His Peek A Boo game rarely comes as a shock, because let's face the facts, he's a boy. Boys make noise... the element of surprise is gone, when Will is awake.

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