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Saturday, April 17, 2010

For the love of baking.

I love to bake... no big surprise, after the name of my blog, to the fact that if you know me... if I can find a reason to crank up my beautiful black Kitchen Aid mixer, you better believe I'm going to do it... Well here's the best part, getting to give all the baked goodies away, so I don't have to consume the extra calories.

A friend of mine Marcie from the gym, it was her husbands 30th birthday party this weekend. She is 1 of the 19 girls I know pregnant (congrats Marcie!!) with her 4 child. Her kids are just the sweetest thing, and so is she. So when she told me that it was Tab's birthday and how she was trying to get it all done, I offered to make the cake. It gives me an excuse to bake, and it helps her out, no stress of having to worry about the cake, and I can do it cheaper for her than having to buy enough cake to feed all her guests.... so she let me.....

Now I didn't get to stay for the party, but I did drop it off, and if it tasted 1/2 as good as it smelled then there were hopefully some pretty happy guests and birthday guy.... Here is how it all turned out.

3 tiered Chocolate and Vanilla Checkerboard cake, with Chocolate and Vanilla Icing. and 30 cupcakes... I think they turned out pretty cute.

I also have to say thank you to my IL's who were the lucky recipients to receive all of the leftover cake from leveling the layers out... I'm sure my father in law put those scraps to good use!!!

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