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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weight Watchers for me.

So most of you that know we (as in Michael and I) have lost some weight on Weight watchers (WW). Well let me toot our horns for a minute. I lost 55 lbs. Michael lost 75 lbs. Then I got pregnant with our now 2 year old son Will, which after the pregnancy, I had gained most of that back. Which took my new mommy self straight back to Weight watchers. I know it works, I've seen it and lived it. I went from a lazy non-exercising exsistance to an ehum* athletic (ok, trying to be) person.
Since walking back into the Weight watcher center and rejoining. I've had a couple great leaders that I must give props to, Susie was my first one back, and I miss her weekly pep talks and since she had to leave, I have Vicki. Who is just as bubbly, Will loves and has to give bye hugs after every meeting. So May 2008, I rejoined Weight Watchers, knowing that I was starting over... and now April 2010, I'm 72 lbs lighter. Now pick your jaws up off the ground. I know it's a lot of weight, and I've had a great support system in my Weight watchers meetings, online forums- where I met some amazing girls, and my husband. Without Michael being so supportive, and eating what I make I don't think this journey would have been nearly as "liveable". The first photo is on our honeymoon in June 2004, the second is us before Valentines 2010.

With all that said, most of the recipes I will post the WW points for. I try and choose meals that are delicious and lately a little out of our box. Thanks to a free magazine subscription I got to Saveur magazine. They might not be "point" friendly all the time. But life has to have a few splurges, or it gets boring.

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