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Monday, April 12, 2010

Instinctual Swings

So a few weekends ago I told everyone on facebook about how Michael and I had spent the entire weekend working on Will's swingset/jungle gym... Well there it is. We still haven't gotten the mulch for it, but we will. Needless to say it took all of 30 seconds for Will to figure out it was for him, and he started climbing the ladder to the slide. As you can see in the photo. We go out the back patio and he knows to head right up to his swing. It's a great thing to see him love to play outside rather than sitting watching television. I'm hoping that it will last a little longer. Now I tried taking about 70 pictures to get a picture of Will's smiling, giggling face as I push him in his swing, but I actually ended up with about 40 of his feet and another 30 of him looking away (note to self: learn to photograph moving objects). Maybe next time, because I know there will be a next time.

So after the wonderful dinner, that you can read about below, Michael set off to mow the lawn. Since we live in a house that was built in ohhhh 1959-1961, we have a huge yard. And yes I'm grateful most days to not be able to throw a cotton ball into my neighbors window from my house. But it also comes with a big yard to have to keep up. Now we aren't the Better homes and garden type of people... at least not yet, but Michael does a great job mowing and keeping the grass looking decent. I'll have to explain later why I'm not aloud to mow our lawn anymore. Well Will just thinks it the coolest thing ever to see Michael on the lawn mower, little does he know, in about 10 years, he will be doing it, and it won't be as exciting. Shhh, we'll let him have this for now. While I was washing dishes, Will let himself out onto our sun room, and has strategically placed a chair by the window so that he can monitor Michael's mowing..... It's just another image added to my brain that I hope never to forget.

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