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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Missing in action.

That is where I have been. We had Eggplant Parmesan, Smoke Boston Butt and Cajun Ratatouille and all have had so many leftovers that I haven't had a reason to cook for a few day!!! And I've had scrumptious leftovers for my lunches!!!

I do have to admit something. Last night my Mother-in-law called and asked if we wanted to go to 5 guys Burgers and Fries... so since we hadn't been out yet for the month of August... we decided sure we'd go and get some of their yummy fries... Which was funny because Tuesday at the gym the girls in the daycare and I were talking about good burgers, and 2 of us agreed 5 guys was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. But the one girl "L". asked if I had ever tried the Malt vinegar on the fries there... and I thought about it. NOPE never heard that one, I mean I see the bottles on the counters next to the ketchup dispenser, but never thought about putting it on my fries. So last night while I was there... I decided to actually try it, since she strongly suggested it. And YEP. they were even better. I can't explain exactly how, but they just did. My In-laws even agreed, although Michael wasn't a fan, but he doesn't like the Malt vinegar flavor anyways so no big shocker there. So next time you step into a 5 guys. You have to try the Malt vinegar sprinkled on your fries.

The downside to 5 guys. Even getting the little hamburger with fresh veggies... It's an 11 pt. hamburger.. and a 1/2 order of their fries is 7 pts. So basically I spent most of my daily pts. on 1 dinner. But luckily WW gives you the weekly pt. allowance that was dipped into. But it was so worth it!!! Will even ate a few fries, which surprised me.

Now onto a little chuckle from Will:
Today after lunch, Will was playing with his cars in the living room, so I snuck downstairs to check my e-mail. Yes, I'm a bad parent and don't sit in viewing sight of my child 24 hours a day. But he's a good kid, and has never gotten into stuff that he's not supposed to, he get so engrossed in his cars sometimes I don't think he even notices when I leave the room. So back to the story... I'm downstairs on the computer and I hear him come to the stairs and this is how it went...

W: "Momma, whatcha doin down der?"
Me: "Checking my e-mail."
W: Ohhh Okay.
M: "Will, what are you doin?"
W: "I'm gonna come down and see you"
M: Okay

About 2 seconds later I see my little brown headed boy pop his head around the corner of the door and smile... and all he says is Boo... It cracked me up. When did my little boy learn how to carry on a full conversation, and I understand him. It was beyond sweet, and shortly after that, he went to take a nap, where he slept for 2 1/2 hours.... yep. It's been a great day!!!

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