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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 Milestone in 1 day.

So many of you are facebook friends of mine, so you know what this is already about. But I figured I would show a few before and current pictures. Because for honestly without the pictures I probably wouldn't believe it.

My first milestone is today marks 20 months of No fast food. By no fast food, I mean if you can drive thru to get it it's off limits. People have asked me if I go into places. I don't. Before I ever started this journey to lose 100+ lbs. I ate fast food 2 times a day at minimum. I can not even count the number of times that I stopped at multiple places to get food for 1 meal. Just because I wanted a taco from taco bell and french fries from McDonalds..
A lot of people have asked "Why not just make better choices, they offer them"... and here lies the problem. I would always go with the intentions of ordering less food, or something healthier. Get to the little box to order, and go with my "old favorites"... which is what got me to 100 lbs overweight. So for me complete avoidance is easier. No it wasn't always easy. Those first few months I thought about going so many times. But after that, I figured I'd gone all that time, why not go another month and another... and that has turned into 20 months. Don't get me wrong, I do eat out. But it's going to be Subway, or a sit down place. B/C I know that the sandwich I love (and have eaten at least 1 a week for 20 months) is a good choice. Also, If I'm going to go to a sit down place, then it's usually with Michael and we share something.

As for my 2nd Milestone. I finally hit my 80 lbs gone. It has taken me almost 4 months to lose 5 lbs (can you say PLATEAU). I'm not sure what finally gave up the ghost this week. It might be that I quit buying diet cokes. So I only get it 1 a week (when I get Subway) or if we go out to dinner. Or if it's that I'm actually cutting back on how much I workout... I know your scratching your head, thinking. How can you quit working out and lose weight. Well I think part of my problem is that I like to workout so much, that I don't compensate my body with food to refuel it. So my weight loss might have stalled out. Who knows, but I just hope that it keeps up.

So now for some photos..... I know that's why you've let me ramble on for so long.

This was on our Honeymoon in June 2004. Probably at my heaviest.

This was at my friend Erin's wedding. Loved that dress, just not on me. (thanks erin, I borrowed it).

Left is the day I joined WW. Right is me today! Excuse me, but does anyone actually start to see my collarbones (who knew).

Left is the day I joined WW, Right is me today.


  1. your welcome :P

    looking good :)

  2. You are my hero. And you are beautiful!!

  3. I know I've said it many MANY times but I am just so proud of you.