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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Monte Cristo... and not the Count of.

Has anyone ever seen that movie: The Count of Monte Cristo... I love it. It's one of those, I've seen dozens of times, but still watch it anytime it's on. Not sure why. It's definitely not the normal type of movie that I would choose.

Basic plotline: James Caviezel plays Edmond D. who is falsely imprisoned by his jealous friends where he meets an old priest in prison. After escaping, he go on a hunt for hidden treasure that the priest talked about, after finding it, he uses the new fortune to get revenge on his enemies.

All of this brings me to my topic for tonight. I found a WW sandwich for a Monte Cristo, which made me think of the movie. I've never had a Monte Cristo sandwich before, but have seen them on T.V. from different cooking shows. It sounded interesting so we decided to add it to our menu for the week.

Monte Cristo Sandwich (makes 2 sandwich)
WW pts: 6 pts. per sandwich.

4 slices whole wheat bread
2 oz Pepperjack cheese (it called for some expensive cheese, so I went with this and it was good and A LOT cheaper)
4 oz. Shaved Turkey (I usually get it sliced fresh as the deli counter, so I know exactly how much we have, and we don't have to worry about leftover meat in the fridge)
Brown Mustard
1 egg, beaten

Heat a skillet and spray with PAM. Take the bread, put dijon mustard on sandwich. Then layer the cheese and turkey. Combine bread to make sandwich. Then dip in beaten egg and put in hot skillet. Flip gently until done, then serve immediately.

*I added a slice of tomato, b/c we have like 14 tomatoes (not exaggerating). Next time I would probably toast the bread before making the sandwich, b/c the bread was so fresh that it was almost a little soggy.

We served it with potato fries (baked in the oven) and a side salad.

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