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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Steps forward, 1 step back...


That pretty much sums up today. We apparently had too much fun this weekend... or the scale has a cruel sense of humor... I had been making such great strides in my weight loss. But after this weekend of yummy cake, mexican, ice cream... 1.6 lbs showed back up. DOH.

So now it's time to jump back on the wagon, and get this 1.6 + the rest of the 35 lbs off.... It will be gone...

Oh and I now have to take Will to the doctor tomorrow because he has some sort of rash. I'm guessing it's a heat rash, but he is scratching and saying "Ow, hair"... So the doctor wants to check him out.

Taco's for dinner!!! One of my Weight watcher girls, told me about the Ortega Whole grain corn hard-shells and how good they are. So we are gave the hard shell tacos a try. Not usually my favorite, but every now and again they are worth a try, for hard shell they weren't bad at 1 pt. a piece. But I'm still a sucker for a soft tortilla... Sorry I scarfed them down before getting a photo. maybe next time.

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