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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fun Weekend.

Before I say anything else. Please admire this rose. The colors in it were magnificent. My mom has such a green thumb.

Now onto the fun stuff. We had such a fun weekend. Sad it's over.

I am loving Michael's every other Friday's off. We get to do stuff as a family and not have to worry about all the normal weekend errands. Like this weekend was one of his Fridays off, we went to Auburn. My friend from High school Mary, got married (FINALLY)... just kidding. But she was one of the last to get married, and joked for years how she was going to be alone... well she found James, and they are just the cutest couple.

We packed up the car and headed to Auburn. We took Will to my mom's office. She took him on the rounds to say hi to everyone and to get to show him off. Some of the people there have watched me grow up... So now it's kinda neat for them to get to see Will too.

Shopping was checked off our list. Playing as well. Despite the weird weather, luckily it didn't rain on Saturday for Mary's wedding. My mom watched Will while we went to the reception, and while I was getting ready, noticed that I forgot to pack my dress shoes. So on the way to the reception we had to make a pit stop at a shoe store for me to run in and buy a cute pair of sandals. Then we got to spend 3-4 hours Will-free, and got to catch up with some friends. All the while we were chatting I didn't get a photo of us with Mary in her beautiful dress.

Got to admit it, my dress didn't photograph very well. Thought it made me look skinnier than the picture was showing.. Oh well. I felt pretty in it anyways.
Me, Stephanie (in orange) and Erin!
Michael and Me (if you couldn't figure that out)
Will and my mom. Which one is smitten more??

Riding his bike that we brought. He is a Wildman on that bike.

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  1. Don't sell yourself short Colleenie...you looked amazing in your dress at the reception!! Sorry we pressured you in to eating that wonderful cake too! But it was soooooo good! :-) steph