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Monday, May 17, 2010

28 Cars and leftover Pork Tenderloin...

Dinner Tonight: Leftovers
We had a Smithfield marinated pork tenderloin that I got on sale a few months ago... So we pulled it out a few days ago and cooked it according to it's instructions (45 minutes in the oven). No Prep, Little mess... I can handle that. The best part, is that we had 1/2 the tenderloin left so we saved it for a whole other dinner. Then I made the Chinese Green beans that I've made before (upon Michael's request) and of course we had to have 2 veggies, so I choose Broccoli in a light Cheese sauce from the wonderful people at Green Giant.
In the end, It was a total of 6 WW pts. for the whole meal.

When Will knows I'm starting dinner he knows to go to his drawer of plate/bowls/cups/kitchen stuff... and he picks out his plate and cup that he wants to eat off of. You may be thinking. wow that kid is spoiled... but I'm gonna be honest. If letting a 2 year old pick out his plate and he will eat his peas and corn... Then go ahead. He does this for all his meals. If he wants cereal in the morning he picks out a bowl, if he wants pancakes (frozen Aunt Jemima Mini Pancakes) then he gets a plate.
And Yes, his shirt does say MESSY... fits him to a Tee.

I know when kids are young they do have the OCD tendencies, but at what age is it not considered normal child behavior... The reason I ask is that I came up to where Will was playing in the living room and looked down to see this.
28 Cars ALL lined up... ALL facing the same direction. Yes, I sat there and counted them. I was actually impressed, then a little worried... but shortly after I took the photo he decided to play Godzilla and use his foot to throw them in about 18 different directions.

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