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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cajun Smoke Turkey

How do you say no to this face.... It's hard. It's funny how his eyes are more grey today than they are blue.
Our turkey and green beans, along with our side salad.

Just to be blunt. The Turkey Didn't disappoint. From the above photo I'm not sure if you can tell the juices that were in the turkey when I was cutting it.

We injected it with a Creole "butter" sauce that my mom had given us a while back.... Then Michael put it on the smoker and let it go for about 3 1/2 hours. After about an hour on the smoker, the wind was apparently blowing the smell towards the air intake on the air conditioner because everytime the A/C turned on, we would get a nice fresh waft of the turkey cooking.

The green beans were frozen, so I put them in some water to boil for a few minutes, then just saute'd them in 1 tbsp butter and garlic, with a little bit of pepper and cajun seasoning on them. They were perfect!! And our side salad with croutons (we are having a lot of salads with all the free croutons). Perfect light, summer meal!

The great things about getting a Turkey Breast. You only get the white meat, and cooked right, it's just as juicy and flavorful as the dark meat. Without the dark meat calories.
They are smaller than having to buy a whole turkey.... This 1 Turkey breast (bone in) is going to be enough for 3 dinners for us. And I can mix it up into different things.
When you can find them on sale they are AWESOME. We bought these I think right after Christmas, got a great sale on them and have had them in our deep freeze, finally using the last one today. I think this whole Turkey breast was 6 dollars. Meaning that if you divide up the amount of meals for 2 people, it's only 1 dollar a serving.... NOT TO BAD huh.

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