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Monday, May 10, 2010

Almost to the finish line.

For the friends that I have that don't have kids, or their kids are younger than my 2 year old Will. Teething is a long and painful process. I know your thinking to yourself DUH, Colleen.

But yesterday (Mother's Day), I can almost see a finish line. Will has finally had 2 of his 2 year molars pop through. Which means that he has 2 more teeth to come and he's done, no more teething pain... at least for a while, right? Through the last 26 months I do have to give him credit, teething stinks, but he has always been a trooper. For that I am thankful and I know it. I know some of my friends have had the horror stories of the fevers and the rashes from the drool and of course the irritability. While Will had some of these, they were survivable. So now we have 2 teeth left. Wooohooo!!!

Also for dinner tonight we had BST (Bacon, Spinach and Tomato) Sandwiches... We were out of regular iceburg lettuce, so instead of going to buy a whole head, we just used the spinach. Now for anyone who likes bacon and hasn't tried it... TRY Smithfield Bacon, it thick, and when cooked it gets crunchy, but not crumbly.. It's hard to explain without trying it, but JEEZ it's delicious. Of course with our BST's I made the sweet potato fries that are a staple in this house. Apparently they were appetizing tonight, seeing as I got up from the table to get something, and I look back and Will is stealing some off my plate. For a picky eater, who won't most normal foods, he was stealing mine like they were going out of style. But you know what, I let him have them, because if that's the worst that my kid wants to steal off my plate, a few vegetables... I think I gotta be doing something right!!!

Tomorrow: Beef Stroganoff... Colleen's style!!

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