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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Funny Will.

Tonight Michael had a soccer game, so we went out to watch.. Couldn't resist 70 degrees, no humidity. So Will being a typical toddler boy.... got filthy. ran around in circles, met 2 new little girls who were ADORABLE. Michael's team won 2-0. Yeah!!
We get home and Will is picking up his toys before bathtime (yes he does this every night). Michael is upstairs starting his bath water and the dialogue went something like this.

Me: Will pick up your cars, so you can go take a bath.
Will: Dimo? (He usually gets a dinosaur gummy after picking up toys)
Me: No, just pick up the cars.
Michael (from upstairs): Will are you ready for a bath
Will (without hesitating): No, I'm all clean....

I couldn't help but laugh.. Because he was filthy and in no condition to go to bed that gross, and 2 he's never said that before.

Funny Will.

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