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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's day.

Mother's day is here, and while I don't like a big fuss made over me (most of the time), I will always love when my William comes over to me and gives me a hug and says Luv Momma... Hands down, best mother's day present.

My sweet husband, who encourages me in my weight loss journey... "helped" Will pick out a iTunes giftcard. So now I can put some new music on my iPod for my workouts!!! Such the perfect gift for me! Michael also agreed to go and try and get a few photos of us as a family so that we an actually have family portraits of the 3 of us... And as you can tell by my header... I GOT ONE.. just one. But you know what, how rare is it that you can get 2 adults and a Toddler looking at the camera and smiling AT THE SAME TIME... for us not to often. So that one is getting blown up and hung on the wall. Special thanks to my tripod and camera remote! Wouldn't have gotten that shot without it!!

So to all the mom's out there. Happy Mother's day. The sacrifice that you put your body through to have a child is amazing, the patience that you learn from dealing with your own child when they are being difficult often goes unthanked. But one day I hope that I can look at a grown up Will and see that all of the trouble and late nights, doctor visits have paid off and that we raised a good kid.

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