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Friday, June 4, 2010

75 pound difference

Sorry I haven't posted as many recipes in the past week. I do have a fajita recipe that turned out pretty good, that I will try and post later. But as I said earlier this week. I hit my 75 pound weight loss. It has never come off easy, but I've had the great support of Michael, who has lost 70+ pounds as well (just faster, go figure). I know some of you may not have known me at my heaviest. So with my achievement this week. I thought I would give you guys a little inspiration as to being able to achieve your weight loss goals. 5 years, 1 pregnancy, and 1 pregnancy weight... I hit 75 pounds GONE. Never say I "lost" x amount of weight. Say you got rid of it. Losing it implies that you want to find it again. Getting rid of it, means it's NEVER coming back.
If I can put my body through all of this, then you can get to your goal.

So here is a photo from what I can gather is closest to my highest weight (our honeymoon).
2004- Alaska
This is the day I joined Weight Watchers February 2005.
And now May 2010.... Even though I thought the dress looked better in person than photographed. It is a "little" different. But we are healthier, happier people now than I thought we would.

A weight watcher online member once told me this:
There is NO such thing as motivation. There is only perseverance and determination. The determination to get what you really want, and the perseverance to ignore any obstacle to get there.
I have used this thought process for a while. So that I can never say to myself I have no motivation to go work out.. or I have no motivation to cook...
Because I DO have the determination to get to my goal weight. And the perseverance to do everything in my power to get there.

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