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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Vegetables

Our garden is in full bloom. I had a little bit of pride Sunday, when my In-Laws came over for dinner. My father in law wanted to go look at our garden and as an avid gardner and green thumb card carrier. When he was so surprised at how well our garden was doing. I have to admit I was pretty proud of us. We have managed to keep the bunnies and bugs from completely eating all our stuff, and our Eggplant and Peppers plants are doing amazing!!! We are currently awaiting the 30 tomatoes (not exaggerating) to turn red and then we are going to have some great recipes to use up some of them!!!

All of that was leading up to we have gotten 5 squash and 1 zucchini. So part of our dinner tonight was out of our own garden. After being so used to store bought squash, our squash was so sweet. I look forward to getting to eat more, and hoping that we keep getting more from the garden!!!
Kielbasa with squash and zucchini. With a side of Knorr Taco Rice.

I foreman grilled the veggies and kielbasa (4pts).
Taco Rice (5 pts).

Our whole dinner was 9 points, a little higher than I usually do, but the Taco Rice added just enough kick to the veggies, it was a great compliment side item.
Plus I didn't have to heat up a real grill or a stove for very long. So it was super easy cleanup!!

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