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Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'll always remember Father's Day.

As most of us are enjoying the day with our father's, or husbands and kids. I smile a little brighter.

Let me back up to 2007. I was coming home from a weekend in Auburn, where my mom and I shopped, and didn't really have an agenda, just got to enjoy some time together. All the way home from Auburn my stomach was hurting and I couldn't remember ever feeling this weird. It was just a crampy feeling, not actually sick. I got home and was telling Michael how my stomach felt, and so I decided to go dig through our bathroom cabinets and pulled out "the test"... I took one.... and smiled. I walked downstairs to where Michael was sitting and told him on Father's day 2007 that he was going to be a dad... We were both still unsure, so of course we went to Target and bought 3 more tests... took 2 more, and sure enough.. All positive, without a doubt. No misreading these 3.

So shortly after that we were on our way to dinner at Red Robin. For Father's day dinner with Michael's parents. Through the whole meal they kept commenting like most parents without grandchildren do, about "when are you guys going to have kids".. you know the whole spiel. And through the whole dinner all we could do is stifle our smiles, and kick each other under the table... Because we wanted to make sure from the doctor and make sure that everything was ok, before we spilled the beans.

So I sit here and smile, because no matter how fun it is to watch our husbands be father's to our kids, Father's Day 2007 will be the best one in the world for me.

A few weeks later, actually right after our anniversary, we took 6 pink and 6 blue and One Big congratulations balloons to each set of our parents, and without saying a word, let them realize what that dozen balloons meant. Watching their eyes light up was like watching a kid who KNOWS what Christmas is all about, find that present from Santa under the tree that they've been dreaming about. Pure JOY!!
Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Husband and Dad's.

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