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Monday, June 21, 2010

TexMex my way

A friend of mine at the gym and I chat every once and a while. We were talking about the Ziploc steam bags that I love, and she was telling me about Prevention Magazine's recipes. So she was nice enough to send me a page with a few recipes. One that was on it was a Tex Mex Turkey Burger.... it intrigued me. So tonight we decided to make them.

Instead of hamburger bun, we opted for the Lettuce wrap. It's a little more messy, but WAY less calories.

TexMex Turkey Burger (2 burgers= 4 WW pts.)
8 oz Ground Turkey
2 Tablespoon Canned Diced Green Chilies
2 tsp cumin
1 tsp garlic Powder
1 tsp pepper

Mix the burgers together, then I grilled them on our Foreman grill.

To make the Lettuce wrap. On a newer head of lettuce I take out the core by slamming the core onto the countertop, then twisting out. Then slowly and gently release however may leaves of lettuce.
The place the burger in the center and wrap the lettuce around burger and top however you want.

To go along with the burger we put avacado and salsa.
Then finally got to grill some Squash and Zucchini out of our very own garden, and WOW was it deliciously fresh!!!

Our whole dinner was 8 pts. and So fresh!!!!

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