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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Howdy Partner.

I have such an understanding family. Last Friday I turned 28. Yes I will admit it. I don't want to go back to 18 or 20 or 21... too much drama back then. I'm pretty happy with life now. So why not embrace my age... as long as I'm not completely freaked out by it creeping up so fast.

So instead of celebrating on Friday, my family graciously puts off celebrating on Tuesday nights. After my WI, so I can enjoy the dinner to it's fullest and then get myself back on Weight Watcher track. Tonight is no different. We are going to go have mexican. Which means no recipe for the day. But I did want to show you a little something.... My little 2 year old something.

We went to the Huntsville Stars game Saturday, and I'm so glad I went and bought those ear covers for Will. He got to watch the fireworks without being scared by the noise.
Will swore the mascot (Homer) was actually Mickey Mouse. All night it was "Mama- Mickey Mouse". He petted Homer's tail and gave him knuckles.
My little cowboy. This picture actually reminds me of my childhood. When I was younger every summer we would spend a week or two up in South Dakota with my family up there. And most times there was a Rodeo and parade. Which meant my granddad would pull out the cowboy/cowgirl hats and we would each don one and sit out on the curb in Mobridge, SD and watch the parade go by. So when will tilted that little cowboy hat sideways. It made me smile and be thankful that I have those great memories with my family.
This was from our play-date with some friends. We've got some great friends that Will loves the kids, and they amazingly play so great together even with 3-4 year differences in their ages. Will was dumping water on himself, while in the background you can see Harris splashing water.

We've had a great summer so far, and made some pretty great memories. Even if this little hairy boy doesn't remember it. I've got pictures to prove it all.

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